Banks Public School

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'caring and sharing'


Key Learning Areas
  • English - reading, writing, language, talking and listening, literature, spelling and handwriting
  • Mathematics - number, working Mathematically, patterns and algebra, data, measurement, space and geometry
  • Science and Technology
  • Human Society and its Environment
  • Creative Arts - music, visual arts, drama and dance
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

The library supports student learning through literature, information and computer skills. Students attend Library each week where they read, borrow and complete research and literature based learning activities.

Students use word processing, powerpoint, emails, Blogs and the internet  via Interactive Whiteboards, Computer Lab, Classroom hubs.
Students are made aware of skills and applications necessary to use technology safely, approriately and effectively.
Students read and sign a Technology agreement at beginning of each year to allow access to interent (see Notes)

Learning Support
Children who require specialist support in order to develop to their full potential are catered for by means of:

  • a Learning Support Team
  • a Learning Difficulties teacher who is available to support teachers who have children with special needs
  • a support teacher who is available for withdrawal and intensive work for the development of language skills in students from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds
  • the services of a school counsellor who provides accurate assessments of ability levels