Banks Public School

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Banks Public School has an excellent record of sporting achievement. Teams have represented the school in Rugby League, Basketball, A.F.L, Soccer, Softball and Netball. Banks Public School has had many representatives at district, area and state levels in team sports, athletics, swimming and cross country running.

Fitness and Sport skill Programs
Banks Public School also provides programs to develop gross motor skills, gymnastic skills, fitness, games skills and participation in team sports. The sport and fitness program is supported by visiting clinics such as AFL, Cricket, Dance and Gynmastics.

Students participate in fitness rotations across the week. Fitness activities focus on student teamwork, gross motor and game skills.

Weekly sport sessions promote both skills and co-operative team spirit as students from Years 2 - 6 enthusiastically compete in a house competition to win points for their team -

Blaxland (blue), Lawson (green), Marsden (red) and Wentworth (yellow).